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Exclamation Re: LCD vs Plasma

Originally Posted by gstarr View Post
In general, if you are going to be watching your HDTV in a bright or sunlit room, LCD is brighter and often less reflective.

AS an IDF calibrator with 7 years of calibration experience, I have never been able to make an LCD look really good. They just have too many motion and other artifacts. A ladies eye for instance allways has horizontal lines going through it. Then there is the black level and gray scale tracking issue. If you get decent black level by turning down the back light, then the gray scale tracking from dark to light is way off. If you get the gray scale right then you have no blacks, only grays. (liberals love these) PLasma always wins if you have the ability to close windows or to tilt or turn the screen enough to eliminate the glare issue.

If you can control the light and want at least a 42" set or more, plasma is generally considerably better and usually cheaper in the 42" and higher size sets--except they use about 1/4 to 1/3 more electricity than LCD's.

IF the TV is ISF calibrated a Plasma will likely use little more power than an LCD because LCS backlights run all the time full on.

If you can afford them, Pioneer and Pioneer Elite Kuro sets have the deepest blacks--hence the best contrast, but Pansonics are much cheaper and also very good. WE have Pioneer KURO 60s for 2995.000 and 50s for 2250.00 making them very affordable indeed.

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