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Exclamation Sony to launch $100M ad campaign for Blu-Ray

Sony to launch $100M ad campaign for Blu-Ray


Sony Launches $100M HDNA Ad Campaign
Posted August 16, 2007 by Josh

Blu-ray Disc Sony Electronics is set to launch a $100M ad campaign in order to promote what they are calling HDNA - a combination of high definition (HD) and DNA. The campaign will focus on educating the public about Sony high definition products, including Sony Blu-ray players, and how they all integrate to provide the ultimate high definition experience.

The TV, radio, print, and Internet ads will feature NFL quarterback Peyton Manning and NASCAR driver Dale Earnhart, Jr. explaining the benefits of high definition, and how consumers can integrate HD into their lives via Sony products. TV ads will run in primetime, as well as on dedicated HD channels like National Geographic HD and Universal HD.

Chief Marketing Officer Mike Fasulo commented, "HDNA is the core, the essence of all Sony HD products. If a consumer is considering the purchase of an HD product, we believe that given our lineage and expertise in the category, Sony should be the only consideration. With this comprehensive campaign we will also demystify all of the fears associated with purchasing a high-definition product."

The campaign is expected to last through the all-important holiday shopping season, well into 2008. Sony makes this announcement just as the Disney Magical Blu-ray Tour kicks off in malls across the country, where they hope to educate the public about Blu-ray.

If Dale Earnhart, Jr. can't get through to Joe 6 Pack no one can!!
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