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Default Re: Blu-ray’s Fuzzy Future

Originally Posted by tvine2000 View Post
i don't think so,blu-ray is here to stay a long time,mainly because the studio's are behind it.
if blu-ray was a waste of time they would have passed on it.

your statement about lotr's shows how much you don't know.
thats not the studio's call its peters jacksons call.

same deal with with lucas and starwars,some directors have the right to release what they want and when they want.
aside from how you feel about blu-ray it will go on.
Hard storage media is on it's way out. Panels are coming (LCD or otherwise) where one will be able to download full 1080p movies right to the tv. If Peter Jackson wants to hold his 'artistic integrity' and screw the fans out of the proper versions of the LOTR trilogy and the studio is dumb enough to back it, Then no sympathy will be availed.

You are missing the point. Now that Blo Ray has won the war they are using the opportunity to screw the fans and not giving them what they want. Poorer transfers, double-dipping (and they are telling us ahead they will double -dip) unreal new release prices etc..etc..etc. They just don't cater to the consumer and in this economic crunch time it couldn't be worse for Blo Ray but Sony and company will get what they deserve.

If the studios want to keep giving clowns like Lucas and Spielberg autonomy on release dates and such, that will hurt too. Blo might survive in some small form of niche surround music/video or such but it won't be long before they are pulling them off the shelves...and providing the consumer with something proper.
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