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Default Re: Where is the good source for on line TV buying?

Originally Posted by danielstallon View Post
If you go the eBay route, you can get Microsoft's 25% cashback via the Live Search tool. Just search for HDTV on the Live Search site and click the 25% off link at the top of the page. I think you have 60 minutes to make the purchase via Paypal, so you probably want to research models before then; Thanks
The Live Search approach can be great, but I would be wary (and make sure you sign up properly). I nearly purchased this way once, when the rebate was jumping up and down a lot (mostly down at that time). I did a lot of other web research and found that, at least in a number of cases, I received higher prices from the same vendor if I searched through Live Search, and the resulting deal was not at all the best price. This may vary a lot based on the rebate, but that can dip as low as 5% or more and it jumps around without warning, in my experience.

I see the combination I'm most comfortable with: free shipping, best prices and excellent return policy, on Amazon (when Amazon is the vendor; third party vendors may alter this equation). NewEgg is great when it's great, and I've bought computer gear from them and TigerDirect with no problems (TigerDirect has also handled returns very well), but NewEgg's return policy varies from item to item, so read the fine print: the return "window" can last for only 30 days, with exchange only, no refunds, on many products. Other products have more "normal" terms. Just be sure to check!

Best of luck.
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