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Default Re: Blu-ray’s Fuzzy Future

I read a comment about blu ray from "endgaget" that purportedly quoted an NBA player saying that the Blu ray movies were to expensive. He thought DVD's upscaled were fine for the price and the picture quality.

There are two ways to market things: a few at high prices(nice if you are Ferarri) or lots at a low price(market share think honda). There are more people in the latter category than the former category.

People would be more inclined to adopt blu ray if the prices for player and software come down to the prices of up scaling dvd players and regular dvds.

Iin this economy people will be reluctant to adapt blu ray and the software because of price and no preceived improvement for the price.

Outside of forums like audio video revolution and some print magazines many people may not care or be aware.

My feeling is the manufacturers and movie studios haven't done a good job marketing blu ray.

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