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Default Throw it out, or repair it?

Hey guys-
I have a Denon AVR-1801. It's been great for the past 9 years or so. I just started watching tv today, and it went right into protection/standby mode. I tried a few times to turn it back on, same thing. Goes right to standby within seconds of turning it on. I did everything- initialized the microporocessor (hard reset), unplugged speakers, input/output cords, plugged it into a different outlet, left it unplugged for 30mins and then tried plugging it all back in- all gives me the same results.

I don't see a fuse on the back of the unit. It must be internal (if that's even the problem). With the way prices are, would it be better to replace this with a brand new receiver all together? Or, is it something I can repair myself, fairly easily? I do have some electronics experience. Is it cheap to have repaired?

My only complaint about it is- the secondary speakers (I use for the speakers on my porch and bedroom) are not amplified. IF I had to get another receiver to replace this one, I'd like to get one that amplifies those secondary speakers. Again however, if it's about the same price to replace it, I'll do that. If it's MUCH cheaper to repair it, I'd DEFINITELY do that.

Any help is appreciated...
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