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95% of what you pay for a Monster brand cable goes to their marketing dept. Don't be fooled.

Get an HDMI cable that is well built in that it has a good strain relief and doesn't look like it'll fall apart if you touch it, but don't spend more than $100 on any length of cable. My CRT projector (sold for $30K back in 2001 but I didn't pay that) is fed by a $3 HDMI cable from

Poor quality wire using in long HDMI cables (15+ feet) may cause data dropouts which appear as what people call "sparklies": White dots that dance around the screen. So either the cable works (no issues), or it has dropouts (sparklies or complete loss of picture). There's nothing else that can happen.

The idea of bandwidth requirements and other crap like that with HDMI cables that some of the boutique companies try and push is just plain prying on consumer ignorance.

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