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Talking Re: What's you dream system?

My dream system for right now would be seven of the new, Mark Levinson No 53 monoblocks, the new No 502 media console, Krell Evolution 505 and 525 CD and DVD players or maybe Nagra, ( I heard that they were expensive) sources, and of course the Krell Master Reference Subwoofer. Or I could go with seven Krell Evolution 400 monoblocks for amplification and the Evolution 707 SSP and be all set. Revel Salon speakers for surround or I could go with all Wilson Audio Speakers. I think either of these choices could make me happy. Maybe I should have two or three dream systems. I haven't even mentioned Meridian or McIntosh, because I don't know alot about them, but I bet I could put together a dream system using them .Maybe McIntosh amplifiers, and Meridian SSP's and sources. MBL looks expensive. How about their amplifiers and sources and a few pairs of their ultra expensive Radialstrahler 101 E MKII speakers for fronts and surrounds. I think that I could go on and on and always see more stuff that I want. It is harder to pick out a dream system than it seems at first.The next upgrade would always be on a person's mind. It would be lots of fun to have unlimited funds to go shopping for equipment though.

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