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Default Re: What's you dream system?

It is funny but my dream system seems to change every few years depending on what new technologies are being used. But right now I would have to say that the following is close to being my dream system.

Denon AVP-A1HDCI Home Theater Preamp
Denon DVD-A1UDCI Universal Bluray Player
Marantz SA-7S1 Reference SA-CD / CD Player
McIntosh MS750 750 GB Music Server
McIntosh MVP871 DVD/CD Player
McIntosh MC303 Three Channel Power Amplifier
McIntosh MC252 Stereo Power Amplifier
McIntosh MC252 Stereo Power Amplifier
McIntosh MC1.2KW Power Amplifier
McIntosh MC252 Power Amplifier
Altec Lancing VOTT A-7's (Front L & R) or JBL K2™ Series K2 S9800 for every channel
Custom Center Channel (Dual 12" JBL Pro woofers w/ JBL HF Horn)
JBL Pro Series surround speakers
Dual JBL 18" Subwoofers
Stewart Film Screen 120" Projection Screen
Faroudja DILA1080MF1Projector Package or something better?
Direct TV HD Reciever/HD Recorder

But since that is not in the cards I am looking at a Denon AVR-3808ci 7.1 reciever, Denon DVD-2500 Bluray Player, Stewert Film Screen 120" screen with a entry level 1080p projector. Then I will worry about getting a nice subwoofer or two and upgrading my center channel and rear speakers. At that point I will look into a power amp or two and some room treatments to top it all off! I see no reason to get rid of my current Altec A-7 voice of the theater speakers as they would be hard to replace. More like it would be very exspensive to find a alternative to the A-7's that didn't cost an arm and a leg.
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