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Default Re: Pioneer Unplugs Its TV Business

Originally Posted by erniemink View Post
I have lerned regardless of a so-called recession or not, no one in their right mind is going to spend 10 to 15 thousand on a television! 3 thousand tops on average and that is pushing it for most, so for Pioneer to market a televsion that more than likely only costs 1 to 2 thousand tops to make, it is ludicrous and even laughable that they think they were going to win with these overpriced plasma televisions. You can get almost exactly the same quality in a DLP television from a good brand, so no one is going to be that stupid or have that kind of cash for the most part, and if they did, they are not going to spend it on a television! Most people could buy a high quality surround sound 7.1 system with blu-ray AND a DLP tv for that. Good riddance to stupidity I say!
Yes Greed is the motivator and stupidity as well Pioneer had the best Plasma but they where so overpriced and their inflexibility is making them close very solid lines, When you think they only stoped selling Laser Disc????

Senior management is asleep at the wheel!!
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