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Default Re: Pioneer Unplugs Its TV Business

(O)rganicLED Monitors beating plasma????

At over $200 a diag inch for a 11" with a res of 960 x 540, is that going to make me switch? Or is it the organic film used that used paper / carbon / organic materials that in the past have been proven unstable / because they decompose? The issue is that plasma monitors are multii-generations existing and have a fairly decent knowledge base at this time. Maybe something / OLED will be better than the best Pioneeer Plasma panels in the future, maybe 5 - 7 - 10 years, but other techs will also improve and CURRENTLY for the non-ultra-high consumer, the Kuros were at the Ultimate in display tech. Yes, I think Runco, etc are better but their price point tends to make them ultra high-end and are not competitiors, IMO.

So, who wants the current generation OLED at $12k for a 60 inch?? Oh, but sorry, costs go up as we increase the panel so my guess the cost would be closer to $24k, if the tech existed to make a 60" OLED panel.
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