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Default Re: Pioneer Unplugs Its TV Business

I wish I could have ben on those discussions with the plasma display panel group.. You would have thought this result would kill their business. What happens to their plasma IP?

Doubly dissappointing given the low quality of some "high-end LCD monitors". One such well known high end company and monitor looses focus during 10+ scenes of Blu-Ray Irorman. I was told by a manufacturer rep, it was because of the 1st generation NEW technology to gain sharpness due to the inherent issues with LCD.. I told him that if I bought that set and found that problem, I would have them replace it. I later found out that they ship the set with a knob to turn off that "great tech".

My only hope is that by March 10, I will get a 2nd 60" Pioneer Kuro cheap and it lasts long enough for the next tech better than LCD.

As for DVD players, IMO, it is hard to really mess one up or make a player that is regarded significantly better. One last word is that with Blu-Ray players, the US high-end manufacturers (Krell & Levinson) have yet to introduce any players,
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