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Default Re: What about HSU Research?

Originally Posted by bluextatic View Post
I just bought a HSU VTF-3 MK3 Sub, because I loved their websight and from everything that I have read, they can't be beat at their price range. I debated between the HSU and the Elemental A5-350, and chose the HSU because I did not want to wait four weeks to get my new sub. (They were priced very close to each other) After I get it connected and listen for a while. I may come back and give my opinion. I replaced a little 12 inch Infinity ( 14X14X14) with a 150 watt amplifier. This new HSU one has a 350 watt RMS BASH amp and measures ( 21Hx17Wx25D) ( It's a monster sub), so it should really rock for music and movies.

I also purchased the HSU VTF-3 sub with the turbo upgrade and I can't imagine why anyone would need more than one of these babies in normal sized residential room. I have my VTF-3 behind a large couch in my home theater room and it's only at ~1/3 full volume level and it reverberates/rocks the entire listening area during deep bass sequences/scenes :-). I am very happy with my VTF-3 and I have no plans to replace it.

Here's a picture of the HSU VTF-3 w/ Turbo Upgrade:
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