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Talking Re: Upconversion Through Component?

Originally Posted by gbeenie View Post
So, I've got a friend who has a projector with no HDMI -- only component inputs. My question is, are there any players out there (Blu-Ray or SD DVD) which will output an upconverted signal (for SD DVD) via the components outputs? The players I have say no go, so I get the impression that it's not a common feature.

A subjet which has made go through extensive research on-line for a solution. Don't waste your time like I did trying to hunt down one of the handful of DVD models that allowed upscaling though the component outputs. All the companies that made them stopped producing them a few years ago to please the Hollywood studios. Every now and ten you may see one creep out onto the used market (e.g. eBay) but most are low quality players that leave much to be desired in terms of picture quality.

THERE IS A SOLUTION for all early HDTV adopters, which own sets that only have component inputs and/or RGB inputs.

A company in Taiwan called HKmod ( produces a dongle like device named "HDfury2" that has an HDMI input and an RGB output on the other end to which you can connect a (supplied) short RGB to component cable. This device supports HDMI 1.3 with HDCP handshaking. Therefore, you can take the HDMI ouput from a Blu-ray or upscaling DVD player, connect this device through an HDMI cable and connect its component output to your HDTV. The small device is a highly integrated solution containing 5 chips, two of which are substantially bigger, a 200 MHz 11 bits HDMI receiver/processor and a video DAC on the other side.

You can see the specs for the HDfury2 on: The current hardware revision is 1.3. It sells for $249 (S&H anywhere included). From what I've read, most people that have purchased one are elated with it's performance and picture quality.

The recommended and authorized sales agent is Curt Palme ( They seem to give a good guarantee with a replacement policy for a newer hardware revision if you're affected by an issue.

For more opinions, you can read the HDfury2 forum on the Curt Palme website or the HDfury2 thread from the AVS forum:

I plan on buying one myself. I'm just waiting for Oppo to release their BDP-83 Blu-ray player as I don't have an upscaling HDMI equipped DVD player.

At last, us early HDTV adopters can now have our cake and eat in HD! ;-)
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