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Default Re: Are we reaching the end of High End Audio?

Originally Posted by bad_fish View Post
I have to claim guilty here. I am sorry, but I have to do what is best for me. I appreciate a dealer's time, and if they make me a good enough deal, I will buy from them. I just finished my theater and my Paradigm's came from a dealer, but the Denon receiver is a B stock Internet deal, as well as the harmony remote.

ChiefTK, what store are you referring to? I am up near Liberty, MO. I have hit the B&W in Parkville and Independence Audio is where I got the speakers. Who do you frequent in KC?
Audioport Ltd. on 97th just off Metcalf.

They used to be a Levinson store but they now feature Classé.

Good people and good deals.
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