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Cool The $800 Moxi MR-1500T3 DVR

Digeo's Moxi HD Digital Video Recorder is a full-featured DVR with an easy-to-use Emmy-award winning user-interface, and no monthly fees...ever.

Key Features:

* CableCARD Support: With a digital cable subscription and a broadband connection, you're ready to enjoy content from your cable company, your PC, and the Internet.
* No Monthly Subscription Fees: Unlike other DVRs, once you've bought a Moxi HD DVR, you're done paying.
* Tons of Space: A 500 GB hard drive provides up to 75 hours of HD and 300 hours of SD Programming.
* 1080p Support: A Moxi HD DVR supports both 1080p 24 & 30 Hz, along with 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i.
* No Advertising: Other digital video recorders place ads on everything; the Moxi Menu doesn't.
* Browsing Options: Search for a specific show, browse full screen, take the entire guide forward in time. Moxi's got you covered however you like to browse TV.
* Multimedia Fun: Enjoy your HD photos, MP3 collection, and Internet content right from your TV.
* Award-Winning Interface: The Moxi Menu is the only user interface with both HD graphics and an Emmy Award.

It looks like a TiVo beater or a replacement for the Sony DHG-HDD500 but there is a caveat on the Moxi site (Tech Specs) that says:
The easy-to-use Moxi Menu with no monthly fees* (*Free registration required. Future services and features may be subject to additional fees.)

That worries me, I'm now reluctant to buy one.
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