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Default Re: Billion to 1 contrast ratio, 600 Hz plasmas from LG

In regards to CES, some of the ultra-thin TVs were kinda cool. Samsung and Panasonic actually have 2 way cable cards and oh yeah, Pioneer may be leaving the Plasma world.

Billion to one contrast ratio? yu huh okay, even if contrast ratio actually meant anything (which it doesn't) I would have to check with ISF before I beleived something as outrageous as that.

Also, LG is made by Funai and in years past many people have reported lots of problems with their LG from image quality clarity to out-of-the-box defective.

Let me see some production models first, then we will see.

By the way, this year at CES, LG actually had an ISF calibration mode on their TVs, just an FYI. is offline   Reply With Quote
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