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Default Re: DirecTV HD DVR:It's your receiver!

Originally Posted by faberryman View Post
The last time I looked into it, Dish Network did not offer local HD channels so I would have needed an antenna and rotor to pick them up. Maybe they have now caught up with the times.
The availability of local channels various by area. In Billings MT for example where I used to live DirecTV does not have local channels, however Dish does have local channels (in HD too). In most major cities, I imagine both have locals.

One of the nice things I like about the ViP722 is the ability to control two different TV's in different rooms (with one receiver). You can actually record two different channels while simultaneously viewing two other different recorded programs on each of the TVs. Another great feature is the 750GB external HD for additional recorded programs. I have both hard drives nearly full. I don't know if DirecTV has these features; I doubt it.

Anyone wanting more information about Sat TV or help solving receiver problems, etc. should check out this forum:
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