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Default Re: DirecTV HD DVR:It's your receiver!

Originally Posted by BMW View Post
So, got a new optical block today. Overall picture is much better. But today I must decide which dvr is better, the hd20 or the hd22 100. I really can't see much difference between the two. Any opinions.? I read Rex's. I'm not sure when my acct expires with Directv. When will Dish have the multitude of hd channels like Direct

I have KDF-60A3000, with very much the same issue you are having the inital service call siad no probelm found enevt though I clearlly demonstated the problem described here... Did the optical block cure this type of problem?

I have recently noticed over the last 2 months video noise in the deep black areas and shadows. It appears as blocks/artifacts (green in tint) and as an overall green cast to the black portions or very dark shadows. This happens with DirecTV HD HR21 (Both HDMI and Component) and DVD (Component). I have also run both devices thru a Pioneer SC-07 and Yamaha 3900 receiver; I still get the same results.

See attached picture of my screen.
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