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Default Re: Learning to hate DirecTV more and more

I had a problem with them where they cut off my service entirely before the end of a month I had paid for because I had not paid for Wrestlemania yet. I had not even received a bill for it yet. I went back to cable service but I do miss Sunday ticket. I explained to the person that I should at least get told they are shutting down my service before the do it and I should get a reason for shutting down the service before it is done. I told them they had lousy customer service and if that is how they treat people they will lose customers. I agree customer service in the US is probably the worst it has ever been except for small business which are building and need to care for their base to grow. Big business like Directv figure they have enough customers that it will not effect their business. Personally I think they are wrong but I am only one person. I have never bought another wrestling pay per view since that time and I used to get each one. I also still have to Directv dish still attached to my roof but have never bought it again.
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