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Default Re: Learning to hate DirecTV more and more

I don't know how to put this but if the people that have filled there commitment, would call to cancel there service and vow to that for a year, and others follow as there service commitment is up and follow the same plan I bet you would see a change In there hiring practices and there equipment that there putting out. We as consumers don't realize what true effect we have on what we so call as service. I worked for Lexus for many years and in the beginning it was about customer service and guess what they have fallen in the same trap and hire young inexperienced people, that can't show up for work on time, talk on the phone all the time ,and hear your boss say I got them cheap. After years of walking in the mess of this, slooowly good core people started to leave, and complaining set in. Now this may have nothing to do with this, but it starts with me, I cancelled my service over a year ago and never returned now I have basic cable and started buying, renting and never went back. Yes they still send me emails, letters and phone calls but I remind them of there service and I'm only one we need more then one to change there business practices. By the I was let go because of a back injury and I'm jobless now but it was the best decision for me it caused me to be me again. So call and cancel if you commitment is up, and others after yours is up, and dare to see what happens I already know.

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