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Angry Re: Learning to hate DirecTV more and more

“I don't think you can win a lawsuit just because you didn't do the research!
You do not have to sign anything, you are in a 2 year contract as soon as you activate your receiver. If you read the contract & ask questions all of this would be clear to you.”

Huh? My Direct TV was installed and activated by them. ONLY AFTER THEY RIPPED OUT EVERYTHING they gave me a long document to initial stating that they had done everything.

But a MAJOR big deal of any contract is that they have to live up to their end of bargain. To install boxes (ultimately 5 or 6, I forget) means that they did not deliver services to me although I paid them a great deal of money each month. I returned their broken boxes but never got the $300 I paid them. Instead they went after my credit rating to get even more money.

“If you read the contract” When was I to read this contract? AFTER they ripped out everything? And in five minutes? You need a lawyer to go through all that. And a magnifying glass.

Honestly, my favorite example of Direct TV inability to get something right: The delivered a new box to us, our fourth and demanded that the old box be returned in a week or we would be charged $400. They scheduled their installer however, to come and replace the box (and check out the system) in TWO weeks. So good luck if you cannot do your own box. They also charge you for the week you would be down.

Not perfect, but FIOS came to my neighborhood with HDTV in September and I switched to them on October 1. Look, anything was better than Cablevision, I’d still take Direct TV over them. Cablevision had poor picture, high costs and the fewest HD stations.

FIOS has the most HD channels, especially the movie channels of Direct TV or Cablevision. The HD is better than Direct TV, their standard definition is not as good. Direct TV is the way to go if you want the football package. Of what I watch, there are more movie channels on FIOS, less sports, children, and home shopping. The FIOS boxes take minutes to reboot, Direct TV took forever, although the FIOS ones need less rebooting.

A MAJOR thing on FIOS is the availability of free Video on Demand, there is a ton of stuff, including recent TV shows in HDTV. Also, FIOS used trained FIOS people, Direct TV uses local service guys who pretend to be Direct TV guys.

Now, a big thing is pricing. I now get my three services, TV, internet and phone from FIOS and pay roughly $60 a month less than when I got everything separately. I bring this up because one of my original reasons for getting Direct TV in 1995 was to leave cablevision. Yet, to get Direct TV video on Demand I needed the cablevision (or FIOS) internet service.
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