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Default DVD-A Available Again: Read About BSM Now

Because sound matters

As of Monday, August 13th, 2007 it is now possible to purchase existing DVD-A releases with the promise of more to follow. Say you missed THE DOORS - Perception 6 CD / 6 DVD-A box set? It is available on the BSM site.

Here is a post I made a couple weeks ago that will catch you up:

Thoughts On DVD-A Is Coming
Submitted by DVDAWins on Sun, 08/05/2007 - 10:59am.
Perhaps even the critics will appreciate this better with a brief timeline:

Jan 2007 - Tip that a new Warner site will include DVD-A releases.
Feb-Apr 2007 - Speculation on DVD-A; frustration
May 2007 - Soft launch of site, no DVD-A?
June 2007 - Outpouring of DVD-A support & requests
July 2007 - Hello msg appears with no DVD-A news
July 2007 - Blowback postings (me included)
July 2007 - 1st post by 'grover' assuring us DVD-A was coming in some form

After a round of emails with BSM last weekend, I decided to edit previous posts (couldn't delete) to indicate that I feel we are FINALLY on our way to getting DVD-A releases. Prior to these conversations, I was losing faith in the stated BSM premise of providing DVD-A.

The Warner folks behind the site probably didn't realize: 1) the extent of serious DVD-A interest still out there today, 2) how long or involved it would be to get actual DVD-A releases going, 3) how long a rabid fan base will wait for updates, 4) that the forum requires a lot more time and closer moderation

Having said that, I believe anything new title-wise will be months away. The DVD-A groundwork that I figured was going on between January to now, has only just begun. That's disappointing but having to live in my own world of skidding deadlines, sometimes it takes longer than we all think it should.

In reaction to cost factor for DVD-A, we have supplied lists of legacy quad releases that we would buy, existing 5.1 mixes that exist in lossy formats or were completed but never issued. There is no commitment on any of these as yet.

Many have also said they would accept 2.0 stereo DVD-A releases if the cost of 5.1 was too great a hurdle. No word yet if this is happening.

There is a strong possibility that some DVD-A re-issues will appear soon to get the ball rolling. This is the most likely thing to happen for now. I suggested these titles be put back in print:

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Brain Salad Surgery / Donald Fagen - The Nightfly / Eagles - Hotel California / Fleetwood Mac - Rumours / Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies / Chicago - Chicago II / Neil Young - Harvest

That is as much as I know right now; the rest is faith that the principle players want to make DVD-A releases available once again."
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