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Default Pure Power APS 700

Hello !

I'm interested in purchasing the 700 i (international) model of the power regenerators Pure Poer does.

I would humbly like to ask Mr. Ken Taraszka or other users who have or had this model a few questions:

1. I live in an apartment in Eastern Europe where the mains power is quite reliable in the sense that I almost never have black-outs.
The problem is the very large number of consumers in the area which heavily pollute the power. I say this because I can hear a very DICTINCT difference in sound quality during the morning, afternoon, evening and after mid-night, the latter being the best by far, and the evening (18-24 hours) the worst.
Will the APS be of REAL benefit in the eradication of the mains harmonics and to provide a superior quality sound ?
I know all of us have EXCELLENT power from the mains specially after mid-night a few times during the year, but how does the APS compare with "the best mains power" ? This aspect is of great importance to me !

2. Can the 700 model handle 500W continuous power consumption ? Will it compress the dynamics of my solid state Class A amplifier ? Will this load cause the unit to overheat and fail prematurely ?

3. How noisy is this unit ? (both the fans and the electric high pitch noise if any )

Thank you and I hope my questions will find an answer !
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