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Default Re: Learning to hate DirecTV more and more

Originally Posted by Lefisc View Post
How do they get away with all this?

That is the question. Why does it seem like there is always this brick wall and no matter what evidence/proof you have that they are stealing from you, there is a response to everything? Why do they need my money more than I do? Is it because they lose customers on account of them not caring? And how are they legally able to take our money like that and there is literally nothing we can do short of a class action law suit which I am mere steps from attempting. Its not fair, its extremely frustrating and for what? So I can watch movies from outer space? How is it that not one single person you talk to there cares enough to just give in? Oh right, because THAT would represent customer service. They literally do not care. I don't mean they fake it, not even that. They pretty much just say "We have absolutely no interest in keeping your business or making you feel better about the awful situation we have put you in, because we can just take your money and keep it, so... f*** you, g'night."

Gotta love it! I need to find out more about class action lawsuits...
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