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Default Re: Learning to hate DirecTV more and more

I have had the same bad experiences with Direct TV as so many of you had. I bought expensive Tivo boxes a few years ago only to find out that they were obsolete. So I had to buy new boxes from Direct TV. While they charged me $300, many people paid nothing. If you yelled at them they lowered the prices.

The damn boxes NEVER worked. They sent me five or six of them, but when I turned to a station, or went to playback, half the time I got a blank screen. They sent “service” men 8 or 9 times and they all said the same thing. The boxes were junk, switch to Verizon. These were not really Direct TV guys, but local service men under contract.

Well, after a year I switched to Verizon and returned the boxes. They billed me originally $650 for services AND breaking a contract with them. I had no signed contract, and, I did not have working boxes so the contract was voided by them, by me, if I had a contract. They said I had to stay two years. I paid for the boxes and never got service. Unfortunately they are not regulated. I got $550 of the charges dismissed, but will never get back the $300 for the boxes that never worked.

How do they get away with all this?
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