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Default Re: Which players have internal decoding?

Originally Posted by wes View Post
Did you see the new Marantz BD player not even 2.0 compatible what a farce.

I am waiting for the Oppo BDP 83

Kind of like the $2K Denon DVD-3800BDCI that came out not that long ago and is also only profile 1.1. Then again Denon and Marantz are both from the same parent company (D&M Holdings Inc.), so they must reuse much of the design between both brands.

The Denon DVD-3910 DVD player, which was a universal player when it came out about 4 years ago, supported CD, DVD-Audio/Video, HDCD, SACD, MP3 and Windows Media; it sold for $1500. In the new Realta based DVD-3800BDCI, Denon has dropped support for HDCD, DVD-Audio and SACD. If you want those formats, you have to up the ante to $4200 for the upcoming DVD-A1UDCI, which will be their new universal player with profile 2.0.

I'm with you on the Oppo BDP-83. A reasonably priced ($500-$600) universal player decoding HDCD, DVD-Audio/Video, SACD, Dolby True-HD, DTS-HD MA, with a USB port, profile 2.0 and one of the top video processing technologies (VRS by ABT). If Oppo pulls it off as well as they have done in the past players, I think it's going to be another homerun out of the ball park for Oppo, heck out of the solar system!
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