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Well, look what I started here with cars. Andrew, go for your 355 if that is your hearts desire. I`m not familar with Ferrari`s service record, but if they are a pain to maintain, why bother. To me, its like this, after a while whether its a car or a megabuck amp, I expect to come home, hit the power button and enjoy my tunes. After putting up all day with work, the last thing I need is tweaking sound equipment. Its about the music? Right? Same with cars, turn on the engine, and fly!!

You spend this money, there should be a level of attention, quality, craftmanship, and detail put into whatever it is. It should not get worse as you spend more. I have never ascribed to that theory.

And I agree with Jerry, now that his buddy has the SL65 AMG, its done. Sleek, comfortable, quick, a looks like it hovers the road like a spaceship. Hard top instead of those ugly cloth tops. They gotta go. It just takes away fom the car.
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