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I have been buying SACDs and DVD-As for several years now and I haven't yet found a better source for high resolution sound. I highly recommend the Elton John SACDs - fantastic sound for 30+ year old recordings. Hard to find now, but Hotel California and Rumours on DVD-A are also incredible, as is Fly Like An Eagle (Steve Miller Band). AIX Records issues some of the cleanest and most detailed recordings I have ever heard.

With surround, it's all about music for me - not much of a movie fan. However, concert videos can be great. Two channel music can sound wonderful on a really good system with appropriate speakers, and I still often listen in 2 channel of course, but music in surround seems to lift a veil and opens up a much more detailed soundstage, at least for me. When I first listened to surround hi-res versions of classic albums I heard details that had previously been masked or subdued in the mix.

Bottom line - if you haven't tried a surround hi-res music format, it is certainly worth around $20 to try it out on your system. There are plenty of places to find titles on-line. I'm looking forward to seeing what Blu-ray will bring for music - sitting on the fence about a player just now.
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