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Default Re: Which players have internal decoding?

With that B&K prepro, I believe you need a player that not only internally decodes (which many of the current blu-ray players do), but you also need the player to output the audio via analog outs. This limits the choices.

The Panasonic DMP BD 55K does it, but in spite of the fact Panasonic lists the retail price at $399.99, due to reviews and current availability, vendors are price gouging this unit for $699 and higher. The Panasonic is a great BD player, but considering those prices, I would wait for the new DMP BD 80 that should be available in a couple months.

Another choice is the Pioneer BD 05FD, but it doesn't yet fully decode DTS-MA. A firmware upgrade is supposed to be available sometime in February to correct this deficiency.

Another Pioneer, the BD 09FD, is advertised as a reference player, has excellent chassis build quality and will do what you need, but it is priced at $2K+.

There are other players (Sony, Samsung, Denon and LG) that have analog outputs, but I'm not certain they will internally decode all the codecs and output them via analog out.
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