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Sorry I just came to this forum and read this and thought I'd reply to the OP, although a bit late (and probably irrelevant by now)...

Since you already have the player, I would suggest trying a few. Look to reviews for good ones (some are not much of an improvement), but more than that, buy discs you like the music (not just the quality).

Don't worry about saving the analog inputs for your blu ray player, because with that receiver, you will be using HDMI out from your blu ray player, not analog out. I also would ignore the suggestion (no offense) to pickup another player like an all-in-one, just because you already have an SACD player and are only toying with the idea of trying out a few SACD's. You have everything you need, pickup a few SACD's (and DVD-A's if the player does that also) and try them out.

Make sure you try a few 5.1 SACD's, some are just 2 channel (though not necessarily a bad thing).

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