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Default Re: High end pre/pro's. Are they worth it???

I think this question is answered more by what do you expect musically. I would agree with the previous bloggers that the up to date longevity of video processors is limited. The same could be said for Blue-ray with Sony sitting on the new codec's.I would also agree for the most part the Intergra or Denon processors are the best overall value for video. I also give Sim Audio credit for using and Advancing the Denon platform in their newest piece,. I think they have the most stable of the highend platforms. I have heard the multi channel music demos at shows in Europe that pesented the best multi channel music todate. I have also heard Peter Mcgraphs's multi masters srtaight off DSD. These are wonderful recordings.But I have not heard a dvd or any compressed medium produce the 4d musical presentation of a great 2channel system.Most sytems where the client is an great music fan are better served with a great stereo preamp that accomodates a home theatre bypass. That coupled to a great amp , coupled of world class loudspeakers .With true isolation , cables and setup will create a sound that would haunt a music lover for life if he ever heard it Have you ever heard the John Harmond LP were his horn slide goes out and you heard him release the valve at the end of the slide .. the spit is heard sailling thru the air! What to do for video .. your right use the Denon or Intergra! Spend the money you save on the main 2ch systems perfections. Did I mention I always listen to musicials and movies with great soundtracks in stereo over the compressed options .
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