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I'll jump on the bandwagon and respectfully suggest that SACD and DVD-A are both worthy additions to any high end sound system so equipped to handle them. Because Blu Ray seems to have no real plan to issue music only discs, there still exists the possibility of new discs being released on both mediums, and both sound extremely good. As much as I love my vinyl, I believe that the SACD and DVD-A are sonically superior. Personally, I prefer DVD-A, since I can play them in surround mode in my Acura RDX - when I play them for most people, they are astounded at the sound quality, separation and surround mixes. At home, it is much the same, but in the vehicles so equipped, it is positively stunning.

As with anything, much of your decision must be based on the music types you like, and what aspect of surround sound is most intriguing. In my case, I am an addict for a great surround mix - probably comes from my first love of quad - both SQ and QS Matrix, and of course, CD-4. Being from that era, I love rock, jazz, pop and classical. From my perspective, the remixes of the classic rock material relased on SACDs and DVD-As, sound at the very worst, like the first day you brought home a new record - crystal clear with no pops, skips or crackles. At the best, they are a fabulous expression of the artist's / engineer's / producer's thought for what sounds great.

I purchase most of my SACDs and DVD-A's from on-line e-tailers and E-Bay. You will be surprised with the depth and bredth of what is still out there. I keep collecting becuase they are sonically superior to anything else available today, and as many point out, there is simply no guarantee that Blu-Ray will ever release anything that will take advantage of the medium.

Good luck
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