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Default Re: High end pre/pro's. Are they worth it???

Hybrid: My hi-end suggestion when a high-end preamp is used with pre/processor is to run standard analogue from the src and digitals to the processor. The only downside is the extra set of interconnects and the matching of volumes. It will be a rare day or a extremely costly processor to match the quality of a hi-end 2 ch preamp. For video run your DVMI, etc straight to the TV/monitor from your video source. My pre is a Krell KRC-HR and procs include the krell Evol 707, Yamaha DSP-A1, and the RX-Z11 to identify whether the price / performance ratio is acceptable. IMO, maybe the 707 is as good on XLR to XLR basis to the HR, but the other two don't compare. With the EVol pres, I question whether the 707 matches. Have not YET done the comparisons. My assumption is that video is moot.
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