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Default Re: Weighing Devices for Your Netflix Delivered via Web

The Roku does do hi-def, can't remember if it scales the normal content or whether my Integra was having to do that - for what I was watching I was satisfied with the image quality in any event. I do agree that having a dedicated box can be limiting, that having something like the Samsung or LG Bluray players can be a great way to go - I was really hoping the PS3 would do it so I could have bluray, netflix, and SACD all in one box (yes, I know there are those out there that feel this would compromise the quality of each, I just don't have the space or inclination to have a 100 different sources and while I love my A/V system/music in general I'm just not that critical of it, I just sit back and enjoy it). I think I saw some article saying the Roku box was looking to open themselves up to additional content, that they could add new streaming services easily without having to replace the box.

I think it is great seeing Netflix expand out the way they have with this service - I think new LG TV's are having it built in as well, a great win for them. I've been very happy with their service for years and this is just icing on the cake in my book. I think you really couldn't go wrong with any device for this service assuming you have the internet bandwidth - the Roku being $100 is pretty cheap so if you aren't looking for a bluray player or already have bluray this device is great. If you don't have a bluray then I would recommend the Samsung (I have the BDP-2500 which has the Silicon Optix Reon chip I think which it uses to scale Netflix) or the LG.

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