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Default Re: Weighing Devices for Your Netflix Delivered via Web

I've used to Roku player and found it worked great - of course I run it wired to my router and have (supposedly) the fastest internet connection available from TimeWarner Cable (at my location). I was never bothered by having to go online to add movies to my queue and accept the selection for what it is. I did have 1 problem with 1 movie where it failed after about 15 minutes but otherwise everything has come in flawlessly with good quality.

I recently switched to a Samsung DVD player with Netflix, I haven't tried it yet (other than getting it configured) but I don't forsee any problems.

I highly recommend the Roku, especially now that it will be supporting Amazon pay-per-view (not that I have any intention to use that given Netflix just nice to have). I keep trying to convince the rest of my family to invest in this box, just a great thing to have around for those lazy days.

I should note I don't see it replacing my Bluray's that I rent from Netflix, for critical viewing I still want those but for certain things, TV shows, non-critical viewing, this is great.

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