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Default Re: How many speakers do you have in your surround system?

I only have mostly 5.1 systems in my home; no rooms big enough to justify 7.1 quite yet.

Family Room 5.1 (Boston Acoustics on-wall & Velodyne Sub)
Master Bedroom 5.1 (Boston Acoustics in-wall & Definitive Technology sub)
Basement Theater 5.0 (Radiient Technologies Helios F,C, & R with Proficient Audio in-ceiling surrounds)

Why dual subs? Some folks are running dual subs in their theaters? I don't get it. If the sub is built well, you shouldn't need a second sub, right? Or am I missing something here. Non-directional bass should be able to be reproduced quickly, efficiently, tight, and clean thru just one unit.

Having a small sub for the surround channel and a normal powerful sub for the front of the theater is understandable....

ps: I'm anxious to see if there are any responses that reflect bass transducers as additional speakers per seat in a home theater? Anyone got 'em? Let's hear from ya. How would that be polled? 7.7 ? (1 main sub and 6 transducers; 1 under each seat, etc?)

Chris Linthicum
Annapolis, MD

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