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Default Re: Denon AVR3808CI iNet hangup

Regarding the peculiar behavior: "it got better". Still not perfect, perhaps it is a network problem. I think the Denon is now hanging up when traversing the iNet/USB source. This morning, I could listen to the Internet Radio Stations, and play songs from the NAS. I played a few, then while backing up from the Artist, it froze up. No buttons would work. I powered off/on, and went back to iNet/USB, and the Denon display only had a Play glyph (you know, the right pointing triangle); no text at all. The monitor showed an empty selection box with the right/left pointing arrows.

The drop-downs in the web browser returned to normal (i.e. XM, and iNet/USB) returned. The HyperTerm session was simply stalled as well. After power off/on, and without returning to iNet functions, it is OK.

If I have issues this evening, I will call Denon.
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