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Question Re: Denon AVR3808CI upscaling confusion

I am not sure that the upscaling/upconverting is working on my Denon 3808Ci, or if it is, I don't understand it.

Watching my reference DVD (The Girl Next Door - gotta love Elisha Cuthbert!) from my Samsung PD-P1500 Blu-Ray player, the Info button on my Mitsubishi WD-73833 shows 1080p, as does the Sammy display, but from my (cheapie) Panasonic DVD-S53 it shows 480p. I have the Denon 3808Ci set to Auto, in the HDMI Resolution menu, and have even changed it to 1080p, without any change in the Info display. I stepped through all the settings, and the sources are set to convert. I have the latest firmware installed.

Mind you, the picture looks just fine. Am I missing something here?

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