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Default Re: High end pre/pro's. Are they worth it???

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I am curious to see what you all think of this.

I have had some of the best pre/pro's ever made, including my reference Meridian 861v4. I have also had many reference level pre/pro's along the way, going back to the Proceed PAV/PDSD combo, Linn 5103, etc....

Clearly, the pre/pro market is one of the fastest changing markets in audio, and has been for a long time. New audio and video formats have outdated older units quickly and greatly dropped any potential resale value. The best of the best pre/pro's from only a year or so ago are completely outdated now because of HDMI and all the new HDM advanced codecs.

So I ask you, is it worth buying an ultra high end AV preamp or should we all just buy the new Denon or Integra pre/pro and save our money until this crazy ride stabilizes?

My plan is to have a very good 2 channel preamp with a moderately priced processor or pre/pro on the tape loop. For straight music listening I'll just use the preamp and for video I can switch in the pre/pro thru the tape loop. The pre/pro will have the extra channels amps plugged directly into it.
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