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Default Re: Stereo subs - Do they rock or is it overkill?

Ooops,, DID I had stereo subs years ago?

My vintage modified Infinity IRSs Betas currently reach down to 10Hz which hopefully are stereo or are they quad
(2 mid/tweeter panels and two sub towers) . So, the biggest question do full range speakers require one or two or no sub(s)?

If a sub has a high xover freq and/or a slow rollover, won't it be producing directional freqs? Speakers in general
produce a loudness based on the size of the drivers and power. With a sub these power demands are extremely high.
So, with a room of say 100 sq ft, probably doesn't need 2 subs if it isn't producing directional freqs. However, my
Beta subs are directional and are for rooms close to 1000 sq ft or larger...

Some hi-end companies are adding up to 4 channels of sub support in their processors. Do you really need
that with FULL range speakers? Did they assume you have sats?

IMO, some movies are producing freqs that are specific for subs, so you
will be missing SOMETHING. BUT IMO, a center is the more important 2nd step, then rears if your fronts are
full range, then add subs...

Well, I am currently PLAYING with 8.4, yes 4 channels of independent sub channels with 8 full range
(ah, my center ML Logos doesn't go that low) so minus 1, 7 channels. But no, I think Yamaha is coming
up with 11 main channels.. Where will this stop??? Go to your IMAX theatre, maybe a home IMAX.
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