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Originally Posted by David DelGrosso View Post
Do you remember who designed those Advent loudspeakers?

Yup, it was Henry Kloss... the original "K" in KLH, who started the Advent company to sell enough speakers to fund his most passionate invention... that's right, a 6 1/2 ft. screen front-projector... the first ever consumer "bigscreen" TV, marking the "advent" of the home theater industry.

I was an Advent salesman in those days... and the only furniture in my living room, was this HUGE TV plus a giant beanbag chair.

Now THOSE were the days.

Yes, those speakers were excellent. I sold them near the end of their run. Also at Sam Goody, we had two of the Advent receivers. Which many people used as just a preamp, it was so good. Also, early Infinity speakers when Arnie Nudell was still running things. And SAE equipment. But those Advents were very good.
In fact, the Advent receiver led me to my first great amp and preamp. The Tomlinson Holman Apt 1 and Apt preamp.
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