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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

"Its been well demonstrated by double blind tests that no one could tell the difference between cables, including speaker cables. One such test was done by Belden. Another actually used coat hangers and still no one could tell the difference. Home Theater magazine did a double blind test, found that no one could hear any real difference and, when they claimed they could, it was shown that they misidentified the cable anyway. Needless to say, that article was NEVER referred to by any salesperson. But the magazine showed some honor by actually doing an objective testing."

An excellent post. I say this not only because I agree with the sentiments, but because I am a scientist that believes in the validity of the scientific method and double blind testing.

I have been a customer of Blue Jean cables for a while. They provide excellent Belden cables and Canare cables at a very fair price. They also omit the BS, which is incredibly refreshing.

Bob Carver, Siegfried Linkwitz, among others are the people most audiophiles should be looking to for good advice pertaining to sound. Linkwitz has a great site and there are various interviews with Bob Carver that are online and are very interesting and useful.

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