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Default Re: 120 hz vs no 120 hz

All LCD HDTVs blur and jitter fast moving objects. In an attempt to compensate for these artifacts, LCD HDTV manufacturer's have been marketing products with 100/120 Hz refresh rates. They may do a good job with jitter removal, but they do next to nothing for motion blur.

Plasma TVs operate differently than an LCD HDTV because their plasma cells switch 1,000 times faster than the best LCD pixel. They do not need a 100/120 Hz refresh rate to compensate for induced motion artifacts because they don't produce these artifacts. The Panasonic "480 Hz sub-field" refresh rate is a bit of marketing.

Panasonic has divided their plasma screens into 8 sections or "sub-fields". Each section is refreshed at 60 Hz, therefore, 8 sub-fields times 60 Hz equals a 480 Hz sub-field refresh rate. It does not mean anything to the picture quality. Its just the way their TV's work. Just remember that plasma TVs switch 1,000 times faster than any LCD and, therefore, they do not need the expensive 120 Hz co-processors and the artifacts that come with those co-processors. This is only one reason why I will only buy plasma over LCD screens. Check out the 42 inch series of Panasonic plasma screens. Shop wisely and you will find a 42inch 1080P around $800. By the way if you didnt know this Panasonic is now making the panels for Pioneer plasma .

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