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Default Re: new Krell 1200 a/v processor; any news???

TY for your feedback, KennyT

I've just got words from the Krell importer where I live (Scandinavia). Krell will start shipping the new HDMI 1.3b at the end of February. The new CD/SACD/DVD EVO 525 will start shipping at the same time ('lucky' me, I've had it in order for years). Well, as they say, if you're waiting for something good, a.s.o a.s.o.

I've got firmware 3.0 (as you might see on one of the images if you tried the URL in my first post). I know there's a 3.1, but I have *no* clue as to update the firmware. Care to baby-sit me thru an update?

When you say ...
you have to use LPCM for the new codecs
... I'm lost.

I hook up my Pioneer BDP LX-91 thru a Monster MC 1000HD-1M HDMI-cabel to one of Krells HDMI inputs, letting both video and audio run thru the 707 (I know it might detoriate the video signal some, but I'll later on add the EVO 525 to the setup, and I have only one HDMI input on my projector). In the video setup menu, I'll choose HDMI input as source for video (of course). But it's in the Audio menu I need some advice. What are your settings there, KennyT ?



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