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Default Re: new Krell 1200 a/v processor; any news???

Originally Posted by JackX View Post
Received my 707 some weeks ago, not yet being able to review it to its fully extent due to the faulty Dolby card (as you mentioned in your excellent review). I've heard, from various sources, Krell is about to send HDMI 1.3b cards to the present owners, replacing the bug'ed ones .... you heard something similiar? I know it's way overdue, but ... as you know, things take time!

BTW: You got the manual yet?
No manual, Krell is so far ahead on software revisions, all pending the new HDMI card and decoder, mine is supposed to ship soon, not sure when. If you update the firmware it will fix most if not all the problems I had, but until the new card comes out (which I hear is working very well for Krell at their corporation) you have to use LPCM for the new codecs.
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