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Talking Re: 120 hz vs no 120 hz

Originally Posted by dirty bert View Post
is it worth the $800 more for the 120 Hz LCD? Replacing a 42 plasma with a 52 class LCD
Well the prices have been coming down, atleast on the LG 5270 LCD 52inch I purchased.
It has 120hz and the tv look great, atleast it did in the store. I still need to pick it up.
Side by side with the top of the line SonyXBR Bravia in the store, HOWARDS, they were 'Neck and Neck'!

So, if you don't mind LG products, I'd recomend that one! Google it to read more about it.
btw, the prices ranges you will see on-line will vary from $2400-1800, possibly lower. (my purchase, $1697.)

Go For it, its the new tech and well worth-it at that price!

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