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This is a passion that I have.I don`t know how others feel about headphones here. However, if you want to get lost in the music, relax, have some peace and real enjoyment, forget about your daily activities, this is the way to go. My first experience was in high school, where after working the summer, and buying my first turntable, a Dual 1229 TT with a Shure V15 Type III cartridge from Harvey Sound here in New York on 45th and 5th, I also bought a pair of Koss Pro 4AA ( I believe that is the model#)headphones. They were quadrophonic cans, with a 2 channel/4 channel switch with volume controls on the earcups. I loved them. But they were a little uncomfortable.

Fast forward a few years. Now a new employee at Harvey Sound, maybe 2 days. A very nice gentleman walks in, with a pair of headphones and a portable Sony cd player. Thats it!! No Headroom headphome amp, Benchmark, Grace, nothing. Just the phones going straight into the Sony.
Well, great detail and clarity, wonderful bass, midrange with vocals clean and crisp, nice sound through out the headphones. They were the Grado RS1`s. Simply unbelievable. My introduction into high end headphone listening. Till this day, it remains, as you can tell, one of the best demos I have ever heard!!

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