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Smile Re: Using an iPod and/or iPhone as a remote control!

Never thought I would own one of these iPod things. I don't listen to music on the iPod, but sitting outside by the pool, and controlling the Denon 3808Ci Zone2 XM functions over the Wi-Fi Safari browser is simply amazing! I have two bookmarks set-up (synced from my PC) that let me control Zone2, and display/change the XM channel, as well as the Denon main page I rarely use. I can control the FLAC files streamed from my Netgear ReadyNAS NV+ from the iPod as well.

I used to lug a laptop out, as it was better than the additional remote supplied by Denon, but this is the ultimate!

My wife used her iPhone to turn off Zone2 the other day after I fell asleep with it on. The ultimate WAF device! Soon as my contract is up in July, an iPhone is in my future.
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