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Default Re: Best 5.1 music mix ever?

The first 8 track tape I ever purchased was DSOTM. I already owned the vinyl but needed something to play on my Lear Jet deck installed in a '65 GTO the same day as acquiring the aforementioned tape. I've worn out 2 vinyls, numerous cassettes and now possess 3 CD versions. Of the 3, I prefer the Mobile Fidelity Master Recording 2ch version. Although the SACD surround mix has some interesting effects, I've become so accustom to the 2ch mix that it just doesn't feel right in 5.1.

In 1974 I was auditioning speakers and was shown a quad set up with 4 Advent bookshelf speakers. The Music was DSOTM. That's been a few years ago, but the impression it left has stayed with me for all of them. I don't think I've ever heard Pink Floyd sound that good even up till now. I bought a pair of those same Advents a couple of years later.
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